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Always Your Way

Founded in 2017, YAMALOG is a company that carry out over 50 years of the Yamaha Motor do Brasil Group experience.

Its great differential is the quality of the Yamaha brand taken to provide logistics services.

Thus, YAMALOG provides customized solutions that adapt to the customer's needs, in an intelligent and innovative way, assuming the commitment to serve each customer as they should be: Always your way.

  • Mission
  • Mission

Providing a customized logistics solution with quality, innovation, competitiveness, and excellence in service provision.

  • Vision
  • Vision

Being recognized as an innovative company, providing the best services through a team of people committed to exceeding our customers' expectations.

  • Values
  • Values

Acting through actions based on the most absolute transparency, ethics, and respect.

Meeting expectations and fulfilling the expected results always.

Developing our team continuously is what drives us to our growth.

Executing and responding to all demands with agility and excellence.

Always your way


We provide the best solutions to our customers through a huge specialized services.

  • Transport And Distribution Services
  • Transport And Distribution Services

Door to door Transport

Milk run

Reverse logistic

Route management

Freight management

Risk management

Cross Docking


Transport And Distribution Services
Warehouse Services
  • Warehouse Services
  • Warehouse Services

Warehouse operation


Line supply

Cargo consolidation

Inventory control

Warehouse Services
  • Logistic Management
  • Logistic Management

Logistics projects

Resource planning

Logistics reengineering

Logistic Management

Whether it's LTL or FTL cargo, we have the right logistics solution for your needs. Our routes connect the main capitals to the Northern Region of Brazil and we continue to expand. We deliver on our promises and are always open to continuous improvement of our processes, constantly seeking to satisfy our customers.


Technology And Security

Control and efficiency in all administrative management through our ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and stock management through the WMS (Warehouse Management System)..

Technology And Security

Fleet management and control of operations managed through TMS (Transport Management System).

Technology And Security

Through advanced technology, result of a partnership with a risk management company, the software in use performs accurate real-time cargo tracking. In addition, it ensures that all freight and transaction documentation are in compliance, preventing undue issuances and payments.

Technology And Security

• 24h fleet tracking;

• Units monitored by CCTV;

• Property security.


In everything we do, we look forward to doing it with excellence. And our certifications guarantee it!

Logo ISO 9001

Offering products and services, aiming at the full satisfaction of our customers, complying with legislation, innovating, and continuously improving the Quality Management System.

Logo ISO 14001

Dedicating to the conservation of natural resources, in order to preserve the planet for future generations, acting proactively and assuming a commitment to contribute to the maintenance of society's quality of life, minimizing impacts of activities on the environment.

Logo ISO 45001

Providing a safe and healthy work environment in its facilities, with the adoption of adequate measures to eliminate hazards and continuously reduce the risks of SSO - Occupational Health and Safety, preserving the well-being of workers.

Allowed to operate with specific goods: medicines, pharmaceutical inputs, cosmetics, perfumes, hygiene products, sanitizing products and related products.


Head Office Manaus

Head Office Manaus

10.000m² of warehouse

Rua Rio Jaguarão, 1842 - Vila Buriti

(92) 2126-2430

Operation Site Belem

Operations Site Belém

2.000m² of warehouse

Rod. Arthur Bernardes, 6521 - Tapanã

(91) 99378-4351

Operation Site Goias

Operations Site Goiânia

Av. Juscelino Kubitscheck, Quadra 7 / lote 01 - Parque das Américas

Operation Site Belo Horizonte

Operations Site Belo Horizonte

1.300m² of warehouse

Via Expressa de Contagem, 3115 - Água Branca

(31) 99665-5149

Operation Site Guarulhos

Operations Site Guarulhos

10.000m² of warehouse

Rod. Presidente Dutra, Km 214 - Cumbica

(11) 2431-6839

Operation Site São Paulo

Operations Site São Paulo

5.000m² of warehouse

Via Anhanguera, KM 17 - Pq. São Domingos

(11) 2431-6820

Operation Site Curitiba

Operations Site Curitiba

1.000m² of warehouse

Rua José Fernandes Filho, 321 - Guatupê

(41) 99286-8253

Operation Site Porto Alegre

Operations Site Porto Alegre

400m² of warehouse

Estrada da Pedreira, 1879 - Pedreira

(51) 99770-7674


For more information about our services, budget, and other commercial subjects, get in touch with:

or by the phones:
(11) 97114-4501
(11) 99742-1347

For more informations: (11) 2431-6810


Our opportunities and recruiting process are managed by the Yamaha Group.

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